Hell Yeah, Mortal Kombat!
Again, if you missed it, I made a new tumblr and won’t be using this one anymore :
❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Mortal Kombat
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I know I haven’t been posting much, but I’m trying to do this tumblr full time, and I’m always welcome to your submissions.

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In Australia, The Australian Classification Board (the equivilant to the ESRB) has decided to BAN Mortal Kombat from hitting the shelves. The link posted goes to the official report for why the game was banned, including some fatalities that haven’t been seen or posted yet, so there are some spoilers. If you do decide to read, I have to say that Kabal’s fatality is my favorite.

Liu Kang’s Fatality Trailer, revealing 3 new arenas including the Courtyard and Armory stages.

Sorry for not posting much lately guys!

My computer had been on the fritz and I needed to fix it up. Expect more MK blood, gore, and guts from me in the near future!

Like to go on internet forums?

Here are a few Mortal Kombat Forums that you may be interested in joining!

Kamidogu - This was my first internet forum and it has a lot of awesome people and there’s always something to talk about (MK or not). They also have walkthroughs of certain MK games, all the fatalities, secrets in the games, bios, scans of old MK comic books, and much more.

TRMK - I just recently started going to this site because it seems they get their news about the new Mortal Kombat game a lot sooner than other places and they have a lot of cool stuff from the past.